Structural Engineering

Aubertine and Currier Architects, Engineers & Land Surveyors, PLLC offers structural engineering and structural analysis services for both public and private clients. Some of our services specifically include structural engineering design for residential construction including wood, steel, and concrete systems; steel framed structures for municipal, educational, institutional and heathcare; retaining walls for both residential and commercial projects; and marine structures including docks & seawalls.

Listed below are some of the structural services we provide:
  • Lateral seismic and wind load analysis of wood buildings using computer program, including design of diaphragms and sheer walls.
  • Design of beams and floor framing with gravity loads.
  • Special roof structures with decorative custom truss with bolted connections.
  • Sheet piling design and steel pile design for dock construction.
  • Retaining wall design using applied soil loads, live loads, dead loads, and surcharge loads due to adjacent vehicle loads.
  • Design of load-bearing masonry buildings using NCMA Design Standards and detailing. Reinforcing is based on in place and out of place loads and gravity load.
  • Design of light pole and sign post foundations based on local wind loading and soil conditions.
  • Design of foundations for pre-engineered steel rigid frame buildings. Design based on foundation reactions provided by building designer. Masonry or concrete foundation walls with concrete footings or slab on grade construction if the loading allows.
  • Design of wood decks including all connectors and fasteners based on the type of wood and weather exposure.
  • Load rating for steel or wood structures including bridges, hoist beams, and mezzanines.
  • Design of shallow frost protected foundations for buildings following ASCE Standard 32-01. Designs are based on Mean annual temperature and Design Air Freezing index of specific geographic location for projects.
  • Design of seismic restraints for mechanical, plumbing, and electrical components of buildings of high hazard category. Bracing is based on seismic importance and geographic location or seismic zone for the building and the weight of each individual component.
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