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Land Surveying

Aubertine and Currier Architects, Engineers & Land Surveyors, PLLC began offering surveying services in January of 2007.  Based on the need for internal surveying services to support our expanding and growing architectural and engineering departments, Aubertine & Currier decided to establish a surveying department that would allow us to support our own architectural and engineering departments and be able to expand to offer surveying services to outside clients including other architectural and engineering companies, along with homeowners and land owners, developers, contractors, attorneys, real estate agents, foresters, loggers, governmental agencies, municipalities and anyone else who needs surveying services.

Aubertine & Currier offers a full range of surveying services to public and private clients. Whether you need a residential boundary survey or you need a 3D machine control digital terrain model built for the most complex site, Aubertine & Currier, PLLC can meet your needs. Aubertine & Currier, PLLC regularly performs:

  • Residential and Commercial Boundary Surveys
  • A.L.T.A./A.C.S.M. Land Title Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Engineering Design Surveys
  • Subdivisions and Property Cut Outs
  • Photogrammetric Control Surveys

Aubertine & Currier has extensive experience in the construction field and thoroughly understands the needs and time constraints imposed on their construction clients. Aubertine & Currier is adept at performing the following:

  • Construction Layout
  • Machine Control 3D Model Design
  • As-Built Surveys and As-Built Mapping
  • Volume and Quantity Calculations
  • Construction Site GPS Calibration and Machine Control Setup

At Aubertine & Currier, we strive to listen to and understand our client’s individual needs and then work with our clients to provide only their services on time and in the most cost effective manner possible. Each project is evaluated to ensure that the most efficient and cost effect methods are used to perform the project to meet our client’s needs and schedule. All our survey projects are completed using the latest and most up to date technology. We utilize robotic total stations and Real Time GPS to complete our projects in conjunction with the most current AutoCAD Civil Design and Surveying software for our mapping and quantity calculations.

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