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Belleville Henderson Central School District - Capital Improvements

Client: Belleville Henderson Central School District | Location: Belleville, New York | Completion Date: 2015-2016 (Phase I), 2017-2018 (Phase II) | Services Provided: Architectural, Structural & Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, MEP Design


Aubertine and Currier Architects, Engineers & Land Surveyors, PLLC was contracted by Belleville Henderson Central School District to perform architectural, engineering and land surveying services in connection with the planning, approval and implementation of the District’s 2015 and 2018 Capital Improvement Projects. Belleville Henderson Central School, located in Jefferson County, NY, serves as a center for education for all students incorporating the home, school and community, guaranteeing an education that includes a foundation for life-long learning, individual well-being, responsible behavior, and the pursuit of excellence to meet the challenges of the future. Aubertine and Currier prepared design and construction documents for upgrades to the 114,000 sf Main K-12 Building, site upgrades, and the 32,000 sf Bus Garage Building.

The K-12 Building design included the replacement of 51,200 sf of carpeting, replacement of 48 ventilator units, replacement of 4 PTAC units, and replacement of 2 ventilating fan coil units, replacement of 536 lockers, theatrical lighting and sound system upgrades in the auditorium. Space improvements within the K-12 Building included the upgrade of the IT Network equipment, building wide wireless data access, reorganization and relocation of data closets, phone upgrades to VOIP, and the upgrades to the IT infrastructure.

Site Infrastructure included 169,000 sf reclamation and repaving of the north driveway, west parking lot, east parking lot, playground walkway, and replacement of the playground structure, resurfacing of the basketball and tennis courts, new 8’ wide asphalt walking trail, storm drainage piping, and NYSDOT and County Highway entrance improvements. Services included topographic and utilities mapping of the 50 acre school and bus garage campuses, utility coordination and design and completion of Building and Site Condition Surveys.

Bus garage design included NYSDOT Highway Entrance Improvements, reconstruction and repaving of the bus garage parking lot, storm drainage piping, and asbestos abatement and air monitoring for the removal of tiles in the first and second floors of the Bus Garage.

Additional design services included development of complete and accurate architectural and engineering services required for the approval of the district and SED, assisted the Belleville Henderson District with the bidding procedures and evaluation and award of bids, supervision as agreed during the construction phase, submission of a substantial completion at the appropriate time and submission of a breakdown of actual costs incurred in the format required by SED for submission of the final cost report. All projects were designed within the approved budget.

Theater Renovation - On going

Completion Date: 2019 | Services Provided: Architectural, Structural Engineering

Aubertine and Currier Architects, Engineers & Land Surveyors, PLLC was contracted by Belleville Henderson Central School District (BHCSD) to design renovations to their theater. The auditorium renovation is part of the 2018-2019 Capital Improvement projects.

In regard to Theater Projects, we take a comprehensive approach to designing performance spaces. We understand what these buildings need, now and in the future. BHCSD’s theater is used for performances such as plays, choir and band concerts, and assemblies, lectures and graduations. From planning through construction, we continue to work with the school to make sure the space achieves its full potential for its users and the community.

This project started with site analysis and planning. We reviewed the options with a school theater committee and school administration to better understand their needs. We identified where specific ADA upgrades were required, considered functionality, while keeping efficiency and budget in mind. A&C coordinated design choices with the group and reviewed drawings.

Renovations to the auditorium included theater seating replacements, flooring replacements, aisle lighting upgrades and theater curtain/rigging replacements.   Design for the seating included material and color selection; seat back options; foam thickness options; station and end panel options; arm rest options. The Auditorium was designed with new ADA upgrades with very little reduction of occupancy in the auditorium. The new performance draperies included the main valance and traveler, cyclorama masking curtains, seamless muslin cyclorama and a new printable back drop installed on a scenery track. The existing curtain rigging was inspected which will result in safety upgrades designed to enhance its life rather than full replacement, which kept the cost within budget.  

Other services provided were development of complete and accurate A/E drawings and submittals required for the approval by the District and State Education Department (SED).   A&C will provide BHCSD with bidding procedures and evaluation and award of bids; construction administration and supervision during the construction phase; submission of a substantial completion; submission of breakdown of actual costs incurred in the format required by SED for submission of the final cost report.

Boundary & Topographic Survey

Aubertine and Currier performed the boundary and topographic surveying and mapping of the Belleville Henderson Central School District Campus to be used as the base mapping for the design and construction of the $8,000,000 capital improvement project for the District.

The boundary surveying consisted of surveying the property line of the approximately 50 acre school campus. Aubertine and Currier performed field reconnaissance and a field survey to locate all property markers, recorded or observable easements, rights of way, encroachments, roads and pertinent features. The boundary survey also entailed the legal research to search the title of the property from the various owners to the Belleville Henderson Central School and its predecessor Belleville Academy. Existing property corners were identified or new property markers were set on all corners and intermediate markers were set online for long property lines.

The topographic survey and mapping consisted of surveying and mapping all pertinent existing features located on the property including, but not limited to, lawn area, drives and parking lots, curb and gutter, ditches, culverts, sidewalks, roads, buildings (including finish floor), playground areas, athletic fields, FFA fields, trees or edge of brush, fences and the various utilities.

The utilities were located using above ground physical features and we also utilized our in house Sure-Lock® All Pro™ multi-frequency pipe and cable locator.

All mapping was done to conform to National CADD Standards and is referenced horizontally to the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83) and vertically to the North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD88). The project deliverables included stamped and signed printed paper copies of the boundary and topographic survey and electronic format including AutoCAD .dwg files in the most recent version and .pdf.

All topographic surveying and mapping for this project was completed under the direction of a NYS Licensed Land Surveyor and was performed in accordance with The Code of Practice of The New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors.

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