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Modified Record Firing Range Redesign

Client: Range and Civil Construction, LLC | Location: Fort Sill, OK | Completion Date: September 2009 | Services Provided: Civil Engineering & Land Surveying

Upon submission of Environmental Plan/Permit for the 16 Lane Modified Record Fire training range project it was found that extensive areas off the project site drained through the site. The project boundaries, archeological limits and unexploded ordinance restrictions would not allow for storage or diversion of the potential storm water flows during construction as designed.

In a proactive approach, in order to the keep the project moving forward, RACC and Aubertine and Currier collaborated on a proposed grading redesign of the project which incorporated the increased storm water flows and held the project to within its initial boundaries. The redesign moved the entire downrange portion of the site both horizontally and vertically to alleviate the storm water flows both during and after completion of the project while maintaining the established line of sight to the targets. Aubertine and Currier supplied revised drawings for Corps of Engineer approval and revised GPS survey information to RACC for use with their machine control technology. During the redesign RACC and Aubertine and Currier were able to make changes and offer a credit to the Corps of Engineers. The redesign and credit were accepted and the project progressed on schedule with no delays.

The 16 Lane Modified Record Fire training range project site is situated on approximately 32 acres of open rolling prairie. The project required 5,000 lf of silt fence to be installed, approximately 80,000 cubic yards of earthwork, RCP culverts, installation of 144 precast concrete Stationary Infantry Targets, construction of 16 precast concrete Walk-in Firing Positions, 5 buildings (Control Tower, General Instruction Building, Ammo Breakdown Building, Bleacher Enclosure and Latrine), deep caisson foundations for Control Tower, trenching for installation of fiber optic and power cable systems, crushed stone maintenance roads and parking, and placement of turf.

This project is an excellent example of RACC and Aubertine and Currier’s commitment to partnering with each other and their clients to deliver a quality project on time and within budget.

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