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Straw Bale House


Sustainability plays a large role in today's culture. Aubertine & Currier strives to integrate sustainable solutions into all of our projects. This project is our third residence that reaches for that "next level" in Sustainability. For this project we use straw bales for insulation instead of more traditional Fiberglass or Foam. Straw, differing from hay, is insect resistant, moisture resistant, and is not edible for livestock. The straw bale construction prevents thermal bridging which can occur in traditional walls. The entire design of the house incorporates a range of other sustainable features. The house is oriented so that the clerestory windows catch all of the southern sunlight that is possible. The main living space is placed on the southern side of the home which features concrete floors and large windows. This allows the floors to soak up as much of the wintertime sun as possible during the day to then radiate it off at night. Large overhangs prevent the sun from overheating the space in the summertime. A wood masonry stove will provide most of the winter heat. Masonry stoves use thermal mass so that you only have to build a fire once per day.

522 Bradley Street
Watertown, New York 13601


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