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Transitional Living Services - Rensselaer Avenue

Client: Transitional Living Services | Location: Ogdensburg, NY | Completion Date: 2014, 2019 | Services Provided: Architectural, Structural and Civil/Site Engineering, Land Surveying

Transitional Living Services of Northern New York (TLS) is a private not-for-profit agency incorporated in 1977 to establish residential services for individuals in need of psychiatric, rehabilitative support who were unable to live independently in the community.

Since its inception, TLS has expanded its services to children, adolescents, and adults, with the primary goal of assisting individuals to live in the least restrictive setting possible.

The purpose of the Rensselaer Avenue Project is to provide a new single resident occupancy (SRO) community residence to aid in providing temporary housing to those in need. A new 3 story 11,238 sf building, consisting of 35 individual sleeping rooms, a community kitchen, bathrooms, and living space will be constructed at the TLS SRO Rensselaer Avenue site. Additional areas for administration, storage, and life skills training is also included in the design.

Aubertine and Currier (A&C) provided Architectural, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Land Surveying Services for the project. Services include:

·Topographic and Boundary Survey of property located on Rensselaer Avenue, Lake Street, King Street, and Lincoln Avenue in the City of Ogdensburg for the purpose of providing base mapping for the construction of the new building and parking area.

·Provision of Conceptual Design and Pricing Documents to assist TLS with completion of the Homeless Housing and Assistance Program (HHAP) funding application.

·Preparation of Schematic Design Documents consisting of drawings and other documents including a site plan, preliminary building plans, sections, elevations, and preliminary selections of major building systems and construction materials.

·Preparation of Design Development Documents illustrating and describing the development of approved Schematic Design Documents, and consisting of drawings and other documents. These included plans, sections, elevations, typical construction details, diagrammatic layouts of building systems to fix and describe the size and character of the Project as to architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical systems, and outline specifications that identify major materials and systems and establish quality levels.

·Preparation of Construction Documents clarifying and explaining the further development of the approved Design Development Documents, and containing Drawings and Specifications setting forth in detail the quality levels of materials and systems and other requirements for the construction of the work.

·Provision of Bidding Services via assistance in the creation of a list of prospective contractors, obtaining competitive bids or negotiated proposals, confirming responsiveness of bids or proposals, determining the successful bid or proposal, and awarding and preparing contracts for construction.

·Provision of Construction Administration Services entailing review of shop drawings and submittals, site visits and observations of the contractor’s activities with regard to contract specifications and drawings compliance, assistance with additional or deductive changes, preparation of close-out documents, and follow through at project completion.

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