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Watertown Housing Authority Meadowbrook Concrete Walk Repair/Reconstruction

Client: Watertown Housing Authority | Location: Watertown, NY | Completion Date: 2017 | Services Provided: Structural and Civil Engineering, Construction Administration


As part of a term contract for Architecture and Engineering Services with the Watertown Housing Authority (WHA), Aubertine and Currier (A&C) provided Civil Engineering, and Structural Engineering Design Services associated with the concrete walk repair/reconstruction at the WHA Meadowbrook Apartments in Watertown, NY.

The project included:

·Design of repairs and reconstruction of concrete walks and miscellaneous curb and asphalt at the Meadowbrook Apartments site.

·Building and site ADA accessibility and maintenance improvements to the Community Building and surrounding site. Community building improvements included the replacement of exterior doors, site improvements to site sidewalks, curbs, and curb ramps including ADA parking and accessible routes to the building, replacement of mail boxes, relocation of dumpsters, and construction of concrete dumpster pads.

·Expansion of parking areas near apartment buildings to increase available parking where deficient, and provision of ADA accessible parking, curb ramps, and accessible sidewalk routes to single story ADA apartment units.

Civil/Site Engineering services involved meeting with WHA personnel to review the site and areas in need of repair, and evaluation of the 25 year old site sections of concrete walk that were broken, unleveled, heaved, and damaged. Identification of the root cause of damage (age, frost, equipment, operations, drainage, etc.) was established, along with the recommendation of repair and/or replacement, rerouting or relocation of walks, widening, grading/drainage modifications, reconstruction in kind, and/or other modifications. The concept for the redesign and reconstruction of walks, curb, parking, dumpster pads, and access to the community building were then developed, included anticipated changes to improve ADA accessibility to community building, walkway approaches, exterior door replacement, reconfiguration and replacement of exterior mail boxes, relocation of dumpster pads, and truck access.   A tabulation of required types of repair/reconstruction and areas/quantity was then formulated, an Engineers Construction Cost Estimate based upon RS Means Cost data and applicable local cost adjustments was completed, and an Evaluation Report outlining the repairs necessary was prepared. Once WHA evaluated and approved the needed repairs/or replacements, A&C prepared preliminary and Final construction plans (Site, Grading, and Utility Plans and Details), and provided written Technical Specifications in MasterSpec format.

Structural Engineering Services prepared plans and details for the replacement of the Community Building exterior doors, designed the exterior canopy structure to cover the new exterior mail boxes, and selected and design replacement exterior mail box units for arrangement and installation on exterior covered pad area. Preparation of Preliminary and Final construction plans were developed and review by WHA which included:

  • Depiction of existing building floor plan
  • Trim and finish modifications
  • Door sections and details
  • Structural column and support sections and details
  • Architectural Trim and finish details for canopy
  • Door replacement location, type and dimensions
  • Wall sections and details
  • Foundation details
  • Roof sections and details
  • Details and specifications for supply and installation of mall box units

A&C also provided the needed documents and services during the Bidding stage, and Construction Administration throughout the duration of the projects construction.

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