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Samaritan Medical Center Woodruff Street North Parking Lot Expansion

Client: Samaritan Medical Center | Location: Watertown, NY | Completion Date: 2015 | Services Provided: Civil Engineering, Environmental Testing Services


Hazardous Materials Testing and Asbestos Abatement and Demolition Plans

Aubertine and Currier, PLLC was contracted by the SLAM Collaborative to provide professional Civil/Site Design and Environmental Consulting Services to include Hazardous Materials Testing and preparation of abatement and demolition plans for the Samaritan Medical Center Woodruff Street – North Parking Lot Expansion Project. The Civil/Site design included the reconstruction of a parking lot (1.6 acre) on the SMC Campus and expansion of the North Parking Lot across the street. Underground utilities and stormwater management systems were reconfigured. The environmental project consists of the demolition of eight structures in the City of Watertown on Woodruff and Sherman Streets. The completion of an asbestos survey is required prior to demolition to assess the extent of abatement activities necessary prior to building demolition.

An Asbestos Building Inspector certified by the New York State Department of Labor, conducted a visual examination of accessible designated areas of the subject buildings, to identify suspect ACM, and collected bulk samples of suspect ACM for subsequent laboratory analysis. Functional spaces visually examined were classified into homogenous sampling areas based on suspect materials observed. A homogeneous sampling area is defined as an area that is uniform by color, texture, construction/application, and general appearance. This included exterior and interior spaces and surfaces. The Asbestos Building Inspector recorded sample locations, approximate quantities, and apparent condition of materials that are typically suspected to contain asbestos, as identified in 12 NYCRR Subpart 56-5.1 and in United States Environmental Protection Agency's "Guidance for Controlling Asbestos-Containing Materials in Buildings", dated June 1985.

Sampling was recently completed and laboratory results received for each of the buildings surveyed. Aubertine and Currier will utilize the laboratory analysis results to prepare a written scope of work for the abatement of all asbestos materials identified within the buildings and the proper demolition and disposal of the buildings and building materials. Sketches of building floor plans, tables and photographs illustrating the areas and quantities of asbestos materials anticipated to be encountered will be prepared. Aubertine and Currier will also prepare site demolition plans depicting the location of existing utilities for capping.

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