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St. Regis Mohawk Tribe

Client: St. Regis Mohawk Tribe | Location: Hogansburg, NY | Completion Date: 2013 | Services Provided: Architectural, Structural Engineering & Land Surveying


The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe is located in the northeastern region of New York and extends into southern Canada. The Tribe administers its own Environment, Social, Policing, Economic Health and Educational Programs, Policies, Laws and Regulations. In 2009, Aubertine and Currier, PLLC teamed as a sub-consultant to Fisher Associates, P.C., and was awarded a 5 year agreement with the Tribe to provide on call professional Architectural and Engineering Services. The following Task Orders have been completed.


Aubertine and Currier, PLLC provided Architectural and Engineering Services for the conversion of an existing vacant farm house into a new Day Habilitation Center. The project required an in-depth structural analysis of the early 1900 building. The proposed project when complete will provide a comfortable and fully accessible residential setting for its occupants. Project cost - $300,000


Aubertine and Currier, PLLC prepared a Master Plan, including Preliminary Drawings and Cost Estimates, for a Capital Improvement Project that would consolidate all of the Tribes Human Services Divisions in an effort to provide a better environment for its workers, and for the people they serve. Design and construction considerations for the proposed complex incorporated several LEED Principles, including the use of quality and green (low emitting natural) materials. The project will create immediate jobs in the construction phase and will be the new home for over 200 permanent employees. The buildings will account for 67,800 sf of the 43.3 acre site. The total project cost will be approximately $22 Million and is currently awaiting funding. A/E Contract amount was $16,127.


Aubertine and Currier performed a building condition assessment, which included a review of the building envelope, structure, interior construction, building systems (i.e. heating ventilation, cooling, plumbing and electrical). as well as building code violations and life safety hazards.


Aubertine and Currier was recently selected to design an 1,800 sf additions to the Family Support Program building. The addition will house (9) full time employees and (6) part time employees, as well as provide space for a multi-purpose training/activity room, a boardroom, space for computer stations, storage, washrooms and a small meeting room for confidential consultations. Renovation activities will include kitchen updates, installation of a HVAC system and creation of additional storage space.

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