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Sisters of St. Joseph Infirmary Renovations

Client: Sisters of St. Joseph | Location: Watertown, NY | Completion Date: 2015 | Services Provided: Land Surveying


Sisters of St. Joseph (SOSJ) located in Watertown, NY is a community of religious women leading a life dedicated to the love of God and the service of their neighbors. Since their inception in the 1800s, the Sisters have dedicated themselves to serving their community through the opening and operating of schools and a variety of ministries.

Aubertine and Currier (A&C) supplied Professional Land Surveying services to the SOSJ property located in Watertown, NY. Boundary surveys for two separate parcels located at Washington St. and Iroquois Avenue totaling approximately 18 acres were performed. Services include the following:

  • ·Legal research for the subject parcel and each parcel adjacent to it.
  • ·Contacting any surveyors that may have performed a boundary survey adjacent to the premises to obtain a copy of the surveys.
  • ·Field survey to locate boundary line evidence, any potential encroachments, and any visible above ground improvements (e.g., driveways, fences and buildings).
  • ·Marking of all found boundary corners with survey flagging.
  • ·Make a boundary line determination of the subject parcel based upon the current and former deeds, filed survey maps, and boundary line evidence.
  • ·Set 5/8” rebar with cap at all unmarked property corners.
  • ·After completing the boundary survey and marking all the property corners, A&C walked the client around the property to familiarize them with the location of the property corners.

A boundary survey map was completed by a NYS Licensed Professional Land Surveyor in accordance with The Code of Practice of The NYS Association of Professional Land Surveyors, projecting horizontally to NYS Plane coordinates based on the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83/2011).

Additional Professional Land Surveying services were required when the field survey indicated that an adjacent property was encroaching on the SOSJ property. A subdivision and assemblage survey of the property at SOSJ and the Priest Family Parcel was performed, and new property corners of the subdivision and location improvements on the Priest parcel was set. A subdivision and assemblage map was created, and new legal descriptions of the subdivided parcel and entire Priest parcel, including subdivided area, was written.

522 Bradley Street
Watertown, New York 13601


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