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Replace Box Culvert OP6A Trail

Client: Mission and Installation Contracting Command | Location: Fort Drum, NY | Completion Date: 2013 | Services Provided: Structural & Civil Engineerning, Land Surveying


Surveying, Civil Engineering, Site Planning and Structural Design services were provided as part of Fort Drum's Repair, Rehabilitation and Construction (RRC) construction contract with STROCK Enterprises, LTD. The Federal Government’s current RRC Contract is a Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC), which includes five (5) eligible contractors. This is one of several projects that are part of the $30,000,000 RRC Contract, (W911S2-12-D-8005). Aubertine and Currier has performed similar services on over 25 RRC projects.

Replace Box Culvert OP6A Trail – Professional Services provided were Civil/Site and Structural Engineering services, Geotechnical and Land Surveying. A&C prepared construction level drawings (Site/Grading Plan and Details) developed from the concept plans provided within the RTOP. Included in the site plans were site/grading/ESC Plan, location and stationing of box culvert and wing walls, location and stationing of road improvements, guide rails, rip rap, and proposed grading. Also performed was a depiction and calculations of permanent and temporary Wetland Impact quantities and the location of temporary coffer dams and plans for temporary water diversion.

Road profile, center way, and sections were provided and roadway fill sections for wetlands permitting (permitting by Fort Drum PW Environmental) was provided.  

A&C prepared Structural Design/Engineering Calculations and Construction Level Drawings from the Concept Plans provided within the RTOP. Coordination of the precast box culvert design was planned with the precast manufacturer. Also provided was the Structural design of the footings, wing walls, and parapet walls. Design also included pile design and arrangement, footing details, wing wall details, parapet wall details, typical details of box culvert and wing wall assembly. Backfill requirements, dimension and control data, and guide rail assembly incluided as well.


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