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Lewis County Public Safety Building

Client: Lewis County | Location: Lowville, NY | Completion Date: 2009 | Services Provided: Architectural, Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering


In 2008, Aubertine and Currier was selected by the Lewis County Board of Legislators to provide design development services for the Lewis County Public Safety Building in Lowville, NY. The legislators chose A&C due to its North Country presence, knowledge and familiarity with local bidding and construction climates, and the professional reputation and expertise for creative design solutions. The existing building was found to have several architectural and structural deficiencies with its roofing system, exterior concrete and masonry, lighting systems, and holding cells. The Project Cost was $255,000. The A/E Contract Amount was $29,751.

The Architect in Charge met with key facility personnel to develop the project program to ensure that all the necessary elements were included in the renovation. The Owner was assisted with such things as cost estimates, preliminary designs, systems to be renovated, and materials to be utilized to provide the most cost effective repairs and provide the most longevity and ease of operation and maintenance. The key component was to ensure that the facility was structurally secure and met the needs of the Lewis County Law Enforcement agencies that utilize the building. Aubertine and Currier worked directly with the New York State Commission of Corrections for approval on all designs and changes to the facility.

The existing 25,000 sf roof had passed its design life and several patched and repaired areas were prone to continued leaks. The leaking roof proved to be the likely cause of several areas of interior water damage and exterior wall masonry problems, due to water, moisture and freezing behind the brick walls. The 25,000 sf roof was designed to be stripped down to the concrete decking, and replaced with all new insulation and a fully adhered EPDM membrane roofing system. Several areas of exterior masonry walls and doorway openings required repair and repointing. Additional renovations included the need to provide enhanced lighting inside the building, and interior framing and finishing repairs.

On the interior of the building Architects designed new framing and finishing for two light wells and sky light installations at the facility. This would provide additional natural lighting to the holding cell areas, but enable the facility to remain secure. Aubertine and Currier was the Contract Administrator for the Public Safety Building renovations. A&C has continued to work closely with Lewis County on additional projects.

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