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Ogdensburg Wastewater Treatment Plan

Client: City of Ogdensburg | Location: Ogdensburg, NY | Completion Date: 2019-2020 | Services Provided: Land Surveying, Structural Engineering, Construction Administration


The  Ogdensburg  Wastewater  Treatment  Plant (WWTP) has the capacity to process 6.5 million  gallons  of  waste  water  per  day.   The  bulk  of  the  wastewater  treatment  plant  is between 40 and 50 years old, and has had a few updates. 

Aubertine  and  Currier  (A&C)  perform  Professional  Land  Surveying  services associated with the property boundary and a topographic  survey  of  the  WWTP  and  new  pipe  routing  in  the  City  of  Ogdensburg  from Elizabeth Street.

Additional  Topographic  and  Boundary  Survey  services  were  performed  for  the  Elizabeth  Street Pump Station, East River Street Pump Station, and the existing Pump Station on ACCO Way.  A&C partnered with Subsurface Utility Imaging (SUI) to locate the exis?ng water force main  from  the  chlorine  contact  tank  at  the  WWTP  site  to  the  Hoosier  Magnetics  Inc.  property.

Structural  Design  Services  were  performed  by  A&C  to  complete  a  Preliminary  Engineering  Report  (PER),  which  included  site  investigations,  equipment  condition  assessments,  and system  alternatives  evaluations.   The  report  was  necessary  to  meet  funding  agency  requirements  previously  approved  by  the  NYSDEC  &  NYSEFC,  and  was  prepared  in accordance with the Clean Water State Revolving Fund engineering report outline.  Due to the success of the PER, funding was granted for the $39.1 million project in 2017. 

Additional Structural Engineering Services consisted of the design of new facilities including a new  Chlorine  Storage  Building,  Chlorine  Contact  Tank  &  UV  System  Upgrades,  New  Waste  Receiving Building, new Grit Removal Facility, and a new Elizabeth Street Pump Station. 

Structural Repairs to the existing facilities included Sludge Digester Repairs, Primary Clarifiers Repairs, Raw Sludge Pump Station Repairs, Chlorine Contact Tanks Repairs, Final Settling and Aeration Tank Repairs, and Control Room Building Repairs. 

A&C  was  also  engaged  by  Environmental  Design  and  Research  to  provide  Construction  Documents as well as Bidding Services, and Construction Administration services throughout the project.

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