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Kelsey Creek - Remedial Action Work Plan Stream Bypass, ESC Plans and Construction Survey

Client: SPX Corporation | Location: Watertown, NY | Completion Date: 2016  | Services Provided: Civil Engineering & Land Surveying 

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Aubertine and Currier, PLLC provided Engineering and Surveying services associated with the Remedial Action Work Plans for the cleanup of Kelsey Creek. The purpose of this project was to remove impacted soil and sediment, including PCBs, cadmium, petroleum and any coincident PAH contamination along the streambanks of Kelsey Creek.

Construction elements associated with Kelsey Creek remediation excavation activities included:

·Temporary construction entrance.

·Temporary bypass of a 650’ long segment of Kelsey Creek.

·Temporary stream and wetlands impacts.

·Cofferdam installation upstream &downstream of the work area, including dewatering.

·Reconstruction of vegetated areas disturbed by contractor’s operations. All areas which are not paved with stone will be seeded and restored as grass/meadow.

A&C was contracted by EWMI to design and prepare Stream Bypass plans, for utilization during the excavation and remediation of sediment within and along a segment of Kelsey Creek. The bypass of a 650’ segment of the stream was necessary to facility removal of contaminated soils, while at the same time maintaining stream flow throughout the construction duration. Design included the preparation of Erosion and Sediment Control plans and report, upstream and downstream cofferdam design, hydrologic modeling of the 5,281 acre watershed, hydraulic calculations, and sizing of the gravity flow bypass piping.

Survey services included field topographic survey and mapping of the existing stream channel, adjacent cemetery lands, construction layout, and As-Built survey, mapping and calculation of soil remediation and earthwork quantities.

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