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Watertown Housing Authority East Hills Basketball Court and Access Walk

Client: Watertown Housing Authority | Location: Watertwon, NY  | Completion Date: 2017 | Services Provided: Architectural, Engineering (Structural, Civil, Electrical/Communication), Construction Management, Part Time Inspection 


As part of a term contract for Architecture and Engineering Services with the Watertown Housing Authority (WHA), Aubertine and Currier (A&C) provided Land Surveying, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Architectural Services associated with the design of the exterior Basketball Court, access walk, Pavilion Picnic Shelters, and drainage for the WHA East Hills Apartments.

The improvements included:

  • ·Basketball Court resurfacing
  • ·Post, backboard, and hoop replacement
  • ·Replaced secondary electric power supply to Basketball Court and Site Lighting
  • ·Asphalt repairs
  • ·Concrete access walk replacement/reconfiguration
  • ·Recreational area benches, observation/picnic area, and ADA access improvements
  • ·Two (2) custom designed identical 16’x24’ Pavilion Picnic Shelters with concrete foundations, galvanized steel frame, and metal roof
  • ·Designed secondary electric power supply to picnic shelters for light and receptacles
  • ·Replaced Court Lighting improvements, including new fixtures and new poles
  • ·Lawn area storm drain installation
  • ·Design of Secondary electric supply from existing panel within the Maintenance Shop
  • ·Design of conduit system for Security Cameras at Basketball Court area

Land Surveying Services included the performance of a field topographic survey of the 1.1 acre area surrounding and including the existing basketball court, walks, and lawn area. A topographic survey map of the project area was prepared by a Professional Land Surveyor in accordance with The Code of Practice of The New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors, using AutoCAD 2015 Civil 3D format. All mapping referenced horizontally to State Plane Grid Coordinates, NYS Eastern Zone (3101) NAD83 (96), and vertically to NAVD 88.

Civil/Site Engineering Design Services included a site visit with WHA maintenance personnel to review the Basketball site areas in need of repairs and improvement, and the utilization of topographic survey mapping to prepare and design site, grading, and utility plans for the Basketball court, access walk, and drainage improvements. The Preliminary Plan was developed for WHAs review, and Final Plans and Details were then completed following the preliminary plan review feedback and any comments provided by the WHA.

Architectural and Structural Engineering met with the WHA to discuss custom shelter design verses pre-engineer shade structures, provide a rough cost projection based upon the shelter sizes, and Architectural/Structural design plans and specification of the two (2) identical picnic shelters were then completed for bidding and construction.

A&C fulfilled Bidding Services for the WHA throughout the bidding process in the form of preparation of required Contract Documents, assistance with advertising the project for bidding, managing the bidding process, collection and review of bids, and lending assistance to the WHA and Selected Contractor during the award and contract signing, and provided Construction Administration and Part-Time Inspection Services throughout the duration of construction for review of shop drawings and submittals, periodic observation of contractor’s activities with regard to compliance with contract specifications and drawings, assistance with additional or deductive changes, and preparation of punch list and follow through at project completion.

A&C partnered with C&S Companies (C&S) on the Electrical/Communication Design associated with the WHA project. C&S was involved in the discussions with WHA regarding the custom shelter design, provided design for contract drawings and specifications of electrical work for bidding and construction, and provided services during the Bidding and Construction Administration Phases.

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