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Tigris River Valley Road Utility Reconstruction

Client: Fort Drum | Location: Fort Drum, New York  | Completion Date: 2017  | Services Provided: Civil Engineering & Land Surveying

The Maneuver Access Trail construction within Training Area 13A was being completed as part of Fort Drum’s Repair, Rehabilitation and Minor Construction (RRC) contract with Odyssey International. Aubertine and Currier provided professional Surveying and Civil Engineering Design services to Odyssey and subcontractor Bothar Construction. Maneuver Access trails are vehicle access roads thru Training Areas and Ranges that provide troop and equipment access while minimizing impacts to the environment.

Topographic survey was completed for the 6,600’ of access trail through brush and meadow, forest, flooded wetlands, bedrock ravine, and forested creek. The topographic survey included the location of trees, rock outcroppings, wetland flags, roads and above ground utilities.

Engineering and Design of the 16’ wide crushed stone road included three (3) major components. The route for the 4,700’ long 13A maneuver access trail roughly followed the rutted path of military vehicles and log skidders in an attempt to minimize impacts of trail construction to wetlands. The 1,900’ long CACTF maneuver access trail passed thru previously untraveled forest and forested wetlands. The CACTF trail also included the incorporation of a low water vehicle crossing of a forested creek located in the bottom of a 28’ deep ravine with a steep 50% bedrock slope.

Engineering and design plan preparation included of:

  • Walkthrough of the site to select the trail route and appropriate drainage culvert/crossing locations.
  • Preliminary Grading and Drainage Design Plans
  • Development of trail Profiles
  • Culvert Crossing Sections
  • Calculation of Wetland Impacts
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Details
  • Site Details and Typical Cross Sections
  • Water Crossing Details

A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and Notice of Intent (NOI) was prepared for NYS DEC SPDES Stormwater GP-0-10-001 permitting. Drainage area and Water Quality and Water Quantity calculations were completed. Culvert design calculations utilized the rational method sizing for the 25 year storm event, and riprap outlet protection calculations for four (4) culvert crossings.

Inspections by the Qualified Professional were completed for preconstruction, weekly during construction disturbance and at final issuance of Notice of Termination (NOT), in conformance with the SPDES permit.

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