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ENEL North America

Client: Hydro Development Group, Inc. / ENEL North America, Inc. | Completion Date: Various | Services Provided: Civil & Structural Engineering, Land Surveying 


Dexter Hydro Benchmark Survey

Aubertine and Currier completed an Elevation Survey at the ENEL Hydro Plant Facility in order to obtain elevations on the flashboards at dams 16, 17 and 18. Our crew measured the elevation of the top of the flashboards on each of the three dams and a reference point on top of the concrete next to each spillway. At the time of survey, there was significant ice build-up on the spillways, and our survey crew was not able to obtain an actual elevation on the spillway. In order to obtain a correct elevation, our crew took an elevation of a reference point next to the spillway and when the ice is no longer on the spillway, a measurement was taken from the reference point to the spillway to obtain an accurate elevation.

ENEL Dexter Hydro FERC Drawings

Aubertine and Currier performed an existing conditions topographic survey of Dam # 16, 17, and 18 of the Enel North America Dexter Hydro Facility. A laser scan on the dams was also completed to acquire additional accurate information on the dams. This information was provided to the owner as supplemental information for their future reference or use.

Aubertine and Currier provided required Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) exhibit drawings to ENEL. The FERC exhibit drawings depicted the plan, elevation and section views of the existing dams, as well as the size and location of low level outlets, toe blocks, and flashboards. To complete the FERC Drawings, the survey crew also measured the finished floor elevations of 25 homes downstream of the project, for comparison of their elevations to the elevation of the dam.

Fowler #7 Hydroelectric Dam, Power Plan & Sinkhole Repair, Fowler, New York

ENA 3 F 1 F 3

Aubertine and Currier was contacted by Enel North America to assist with Engineering and permitting requirements related to emergency repair work at their Fowler #7 – Hydro Electric Plant. During a planned cofferdam installation and Plant shutdown, a catastrophic water loss within the Plant’s forebay impoundment occurred. All water behind Dam #1 within the forebay rushed through an unknown sinkhole and discharged sediment laden water downstream, into the Oswegatchie River.

Aubertine and Currier was initially brought in to prepare channel diversion and dewatering plans to allow for further analysis of sinkhole(s) and necessary repair, prior to the onset of winter. Services include the survey data collection and mapping of the impoundment area upstream of Dam #1, including the river bottom sediment, eroded sediment channels, stone cofferdam, Hydroelectric plant, surrounding access routes, dam locations, shoreline above and below the dam, river elevations, dam and weir locations and elevations, old dam and retaining wall locations, and surrounding rock outcroppings and islands. The DEC and the early arrival of winter postponed repairs.

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