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Morristown Public Library Addition

Client: Morristown Public Library | Location: Morristown, New York | Completion Date: 2017 | Services Provided: Architectural, Civil/Site & Structural Engineering

Aubertine and Currier Architects, Engineers & Land Surveyors, PLLC provided Architectural and Engineering services for a 1,200 square foot addition on the historical Morristown Public Library. A&C worked hand in hand with the library building committee to bring the facilities visions and goals to reality.

Architectural design services included field verification and measuring existing conditions; drawing as built plans; life safety, plumbing, electrical, mechanical plans; review program requirements with owner; preliminary review of the N.Y.S. Building Code, National Fire Protection Association, Americans with Disabilities Act, NYS Energy Conservation Code; review concept plan with State Historic Parks & Preservation Office; preliminary summary of applicable codes, rules and regulations; and estimate of probable construction and soft costs.

Engineering design services included the layout of building on the site; layout of the roadways, driveways and parking lot; sanitary sewer and storm drain utility layout; review plans with client and revised layout based upon client/owner comments; submitted sketch plans to the Village for review and permitting;   structural plans provided showing the foundation details, building framing and roofing framing.

Construction administration services were provided that included a written recommendation to owner for award of contract; review contractor’s insurances; review and certify contractor’s schedule of values; draft and execute owner/contractor AIA Agreement; act as owner’s representative to administer the project; conduct pre-construction meeting (at site) with owner and contractor; review for each shop drawing submittal; make sure construction is in conformance with the contract documents; provide job clarification and field directives; review any requests for change orders with owner prior to contractor proceeding with work; site inspection and field report; assemble and maintain the construction schedule and budget; review certificates for payment and authorize payment for work completed less 10% retainage; create punch list and distribute to owner and contractor; review close out paperwork including substantial completion; release of liens and warranty information and the final inspection.

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