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Syracuse Suburban Airport

Client: JBS Dirt Inc. | Location: Syracuse, New York | Completion Date: 2009 | Services Provided: Topographic Survey, Construction Layout

Aubertine and Currier performed a topographic survey and construction layout on a runway known as Syracuse Suburban Airport for JBS Dirt, Inc. Existing control and benchmarks were verified and new control was placed on site, horizontal control was based on NYS Central Zone NAD83(96) and vertical control based on North American Vertical Datum of 1988 (NAVD88).

Topographic Survey

The topographic survey included the surveying of existing ground elevations along with the location of all of the existing features on and immediately surrounding the site. This included the location of the edge of pavement of the runway, edge of pavement of the road, edge of tree line, driveways, buildings, utilities and drainage. During construction we returned to the job site to locate and topo dirt piles to calculate the quantity of soil was moved during the construction of the runway. After construction we returned to perform an as-built survey and located all of the newly constructed features along with all of those existing features that were remaining. These included the new runway, driveways, buildings, utilities, and drainage structures. We then produced an as-built map that showed all of the site features along with 1 foot contours.

Construction Layout

Much of the construction was performed using machine control. We had set several control points surrounding the job site and calibrated the contractors GPS equipment to our own. This allowed to contractor to grade the site and set structures without us laying out stakes. We did perform layout for the runway lights and reflector posts and laid out off set stakes to allow the contractor to set these structures.

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