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Soldier Family Care Clinic

Client: Department of the Army, MEDAC | Location: Fort Drum, New York | Completion Date: 2014 | Services Provided: Civil Engineering and Land Surveying Services

Aubertine and Currier Architects, Engineers and Land Surveyors, PLLC performed the Land Surveying and Civil/Site design services for the Soldier Family Care Clinic (SFCC) Project at Fort Drum. Design-Build services for the project were provided to the prime contractor Structural Associates, Inc. Design Team Consultants included; Architect – QPK Design, Structural – Klepper, Hahn & Hyatt, and MEP & Fire Protection – M/E Engineering. There was continued coordination with the USACE, Design-Build Contractor and all disciplines during design. Total project cost was estimated at $8,933,800. The project was designed to achieve a LEED silver rating.

The project work included the construction of a 22,000 sf SFCC building and a 50,560 SF parking lot along Korengal Valley Boulevard northeast of the building. In total, 97 parking spaces are being constructed, 4 of which are ADA accessible. Parking stalls are 9’ x 18’ to accommodate POV parking. Vehicular access includes a 24’ wide single two-directional driveway connection to the roadway with internal parking aisles and 24’ wide two-direction travel lanes. Concrete walkways have been incorporated into the design for pedestrian routing between the Clinic and the parking lot. An entrance to a 20’ wide ambulance/service access drive leading to the SFCC building is provided in the northwest corner of the parking lot. A fire lane/bus drop off has also been incorporated into the design and is located along the southwest end of the parking lot. Site Lighting was designed along pedestrian routes and for parking areas.

An infiltration basin is designed to the northwest of the parking lot and SFCC building to receive sheet flow across the new parking lot as well as flow from multiple roof drains from the SFCC building. An infiltration trench is designed to the south of the SFCC building to receive and treat runoff from the southern portion of the roof and sidewalk. A 840’ sanitary sewer extension connects to an existing off-site 8” sanitary sewer line and manhole located near the intersection of Euphrates River Valley Road and South Riva Ridge Loop. Water and fire service will be connected to the existing 12” waterline located along the Road. A combined water and fire service is connected to the building. Other site improvements include a dumpster pad enclosure, chiller and electric concrete pad, electrical service, gas service, communications service, grading and culverts at all driveway access and roadway intersections. The project will disturb ±6.06 acres of soil, (5.34 acres on-site, 0.72 acres off-site).

A Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) was created specifically for the SFCC redevelopment project to address stormwater runoff, GP-0-10-001 permit requirements, grading, temporary and permanent Stormwater Treatment measures and, construction inspection and maintenance requirements.

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