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Sisters of St. Joseph - Mother House Improvements

Client: Sisters of St. Joseph | Location: Watertown, NY | Completion Date: 2018 | Services Provided: Architectural, Structural & Civil/Site Engineering, Land Surveying


Sisters of St. Joseph (SOSJ) located in Watertown, NY is a community of religious women leading a life dedicated to the love of God and the service of their neighbors. Since their inception in the 1800s, the Sisters have dedicated themselves to serving their community through the opening and operating of schools and a variety of ministries.

The SOSJ’s infirmary renovation was split into two phases of construction, with Phase I comprised of an elevator installation at a cost of about $750,000. Phase II included the renovation of the Infirmary area at a cost of $1,000,000, making the entire cost of the renovation a grand total of about $1,750,000. The scope of work also required mechanical, plumbing, and electrical revisions, as well as an asbestos abatement plan.

Aubertine and Currier (A&C) supplied Professional Land Surveying services in the form of boundary surveys for two separate parcels totaling approximately 18 acres. Services included legal research of the parcels, field survey to locate boundary line evidence, potential encroachments, and any visible above ground improvements (i.e. driveways, fences and buildings), and the marking of all found boundary corners. A boundary survey map was completed by a NYS Licensed Professional Land Surveyor in accordance with The Code of Practice of The NYS Association of Professional Land Surveyors, projecting horizontally to NYS Plane coordinates based on the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83/2011).

A&C’s Professional Civil/Site Engineering design services encompassed the design of the Emergency Access Loop road around the existing building, which included preparation of a SPDES Stormwater General Permit and associated preparation of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan. The scope of services included provision of three (3) Conceptual Options, Cost Estimates, Preliminary Site Development Plan, Final Site Development Plans, and Bidding Administration.

The A&C Structural Engineering design services involved the evaluation of the existing building masonry bearing walls and preparation of details to replace the bearing walls with steel beams and columns ,as well as new foundations to support the columns.

Architectural design services consisted of an evaluation of existing and future goals and needs of the infirmary, including a specific examination of the functional aspect and efficient use of the infirmary. The design included a kitchenette, nursing station, corridors, life safety items, medicine storage, alarm devices for doors in acute supervised areas, natural lighting in bedrooms, and bathroom facilities (public or private). Also included in the plans was a conceptual plan for the Assisted Living area and office area, addressing potential upgrades to the spaces. A&C provided Bidding Services and Construction Administration Services for the project. Services included review of shop drawings and submittals, observation once a week of the contractor’s activities with regard to contract specifications and drawings compliance, assistance with additional or deductive changes, preparation of punch list, and follow through at project completion.

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