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TIBA Rift Water Treatment Plant Capacity Expansion Feasibility Study

Client: Thousand Islands Bridge Authority | Location: Orleans, NY | Completion Date: 2010 & 2016 | Services Provided: Civil Engineering


The Water Treatment Plant is currently permitted as a Public Water Supply through the NYS Department of Health (DOH). DOH permit records denote the facility as “TIBA – US Customs”, NTNC – Non-Community Non-Transient Water System, with a service population of 25. The TIBA – Rift Water Treatment Plant provides water service to three (3) facilities. These include the US Customs and Duty Free Store located on Wellesley Island, and the CA Customs located across the Rift on Hill Island. The US Customs and CA Customs service pipes also include supply to miscellaneous US and CA Broker Offices.

The Water Plant is permitted as a 25 gpm maximum rate of treatment facility. The flow rate through the treatment side of the system is regulated to a maximum of 25 gpm.   The current Water Treatment Plant operates utilizing a 2” dia. raw water intake pipe from the St. Lawrence River International Rift channel. Process wastewater is discharged to the Rift through a 4” dia. CI discharge pipe. Water Treatment systems include:

  • ·Pretreatment & Coagulation
  • ·Primary Filtration
  • ·Chlorination & Storage
  • ·Distribution Pumping
  • ·Wastewater Discharges

The project consisted of the completion of a feasibility study to determine the necessary improvements to upgrade the TIBA Rift Water Treatment Plant to supply water to the proposed expansion of the US Land Port of Entry. The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority (TIBA) was contacted by the US General Services Administration (GSA) regarding the GSA’s planned expansion of the “Alexandria Bay Land Port of Entry” (LPOE) US Customs facility. The projected water demand was provided by the GSA’s Design Engineer, and outlined the LPOE’s future increased water demand requirements. The future LPOE facility has an average projected domestic water demand of 6,000 gpd. A peak demand flow of 83 gpm has been requested to refill LPOE’s planned 120,000 gallon Fire Protection Water Storage Tank. The 83 gpm flow rate is intended to enable the refilling of the 120,000 gallon tank within a 24 hour period. Therefore, the 83 gpm peak refill rate would be in addition to the peak domestic demands of the LPOE and other TIBA water system users.  

TIBA requested that A&C complete a study and prepare a Capacity Expansion Report to include the following:

·Review of the GSA’s request for additional water.

·Examination of the existing water plant’s treatment capability, and feasibility for upgrade/expansion.

·Quantify the total user water system demand requirements, including the US Customs, Duty Free Store, CA Customs, and potential for additional user needs.

·Develop Conceptual options for replacement/upgrade of the Rift Water Treatment Plant and related Distribution System(s).

·Prepare Construction Cost Estimates based upon the Conceptual options.


Four (4) Options were evaluated as part of the Feasibility Study. The Options included:

·Partial Rift Plant Utilization, New Treatment Plant & 150,000 gal. Standpipe - $1,930,000.

·New Treatment Plant, Intake & 150,000 gal. Standpipe- $1,765,000.

·Partial Rift Plant Utilization, New Treatment Plant & Pump Distribution - $1,195,000.

·New Treatment Plant, Intake & Pump Distribution - $780,000.

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