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Rainbow Motel Well & Water Treatment System Re-Design

Location: Pamelia, NY | Completion Date: 2010 | Services Provided: Civil Engineering


Aubertine and Currier was contracted by the Rainbow Motel, located in Pamelia, NY, to perform an evaluation of the well and water system and design of a replacement treatment system. The well was deemed groundwater under direct influence (GUDI) by the NYS DOH, and required redesign to conform to EPA Long Term II Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rules (LT2ESWTR).

The Motel was originally constructed in 1968 as a 14 unit Motel, with an additional 14 units constructed in 1970. There is also a single family home and small grocery store on the property, but it is unknown as to when they were constructed, but it is likely in 1968 or prior. Therefore, the water system is currently providing service to 28 motel rooms, one (1) single family residence, and one (1) small grocery/convenience store. Water is supplied by a single well located within a small building approximately 100 feet northeast of the back corner of the Motel. The well’s depth is reputedly 175 feet. The approximate locations of the Motel’s septic systems were also denoted on sketches from NYS DOH files. Although the available sketches are somewhat contradicting, there appears to be between two and four septic tanks and leach fields located to the east and southeast of the Motel.

It was determined that full 5.5 log Cryptosporidium treatment measures were warranted. The full 5.5 log Cryptosporidium treatment provides the maximum treatment currently required by the regulations, virtually regardless of the type of raw water supply available. Therefore, this eliminated any further need to perform raw water quality sampling on a monthly basis. Additionally, if only a 3 log Cryptosporidium treatment system were installed, and even one treated water sample resulted in a positive result, the 5.5 log system would have to be installed. To meet the multi-barrier treatment requirements. The microfiltration, UV and chlorine treatment system is the only viable option for the required 5.5 log Cryptosporidium, 3.0 Cryptosporidium, Giardia and 4.0 virus treatment levels required.

The existing treatment system components were obsolete, and required redesign and replacement. The treatment system selected for utilization included microfiltration coupled with UV and chlorine disinfection.

The water treatment system components included:

·Well cap and supply piping improvements

·Water Treatment Room/Building Addition

·3 HP Well Pump

·30 gpm Water Supply

·1.5’ Water Service Piping

·Dual 120 gal Pressure Tanks

·20/5/1 Micron Filtration

·Water Softener

·40 mJ/ UV Treatment


·3 - 120 gal Chlorine Contact Tanks

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