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Sackets Meadows Subdivision & Municipal Infrastructure

Client: Seaway Homes, LLC | Location: Sackets Harbor, NY | Completion Date: 2007 | Services Provided: Civil/Site Engineering


Aubertine and Currier was responsible for all Civil/Site Planning, Design and Engineering aspects of the project from Conceptual Design through Final Design.

Summary of Project:

·Design of Village Roads, Water, Sanitary Sewer, and Storm Sewer Infrastructure

·Multi Million Dollar Residential Subdivision

·69 residential lots built on 48 acres, over four Phases

Engineering Services:

·Conceptual, Preliminary and Final Layout and Design

·State Environmental Quality Review

·Project Presentation at Public Meetings

·Sanitary Sewer Layout and Design

·Water Main Layout and Design

·Storm Sewer Layout and Design

·Off-Site Municipal Water, Sewer and Storm Utility Extensions

·Stormwater Hydrology and Hydraulic Analysis and Modeling of On-site and Off-site Village Drainge Systems

·HydroCAD, TR20/TR55 Modeling

·Engineering Report

·Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

·SPDES Permitting

·DEC Sanitary Sewer Permitting

·DOH Water and Subdivision Permitting

·Technical Specification Preparation

Key Project Design and Construction Features:

·6,000 feet of Dedicated Roads

·6,000 feet of Village Sidewalks

·5,800 feet of Dedicated Water Mains

·5,000 feet of Dedicated Sanitary Sewer Mains

·6,000 feet of Dedicated Storm Sewer Mains

·Sanitary Sewer Pumping Station

·Connection to County Highway & Village Street

·Municipal Stormwater Management Pond

522 Bradley Street
Watertown, New York 13601


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