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Site 4 MP Battalion Cluster Hill Beddown Area Site Infrastructure

Client: US Department of Defense | Location: Fort Riley, KS | Completion Date: 2010 | Services Provided: Civil/Site Engineering


RACC was the Design-Build Prime Contractor. The Site 4 MP Battalion CHBD Site Infrastructure project at Fort Riley began August 11, 2009, and was completed and accepted by the government May 26, 2010. Site Infrastructure engineering redesign services for the 37 acre project site were completed by A&C, Managing Civil Engineer, Matthew R. Morgia, PE.

The project work included the redesign of site infrastructure improvements for the 37 acre Site #4 11,214 sf Battalion Head Quarters (BHQ), 57,152 sf Company Operations Facility (COF), 26,905 sf Tactical Equipment Maintenance Facility (TEMF), and associate infrastructure needs. The project had time critical intermediate due dates for three building pads totaling over 100,000 sf to permit simultaneous construction by 3 separate building contracts. The project consisted of; clearing, grubbing, 160,000 cy of earthwork, grading and compaction, installation of site utilities to include the 3,000’ of storm drainage, sanitary sewer system, 2,500’ of waterline, 8,000’ of natural gas piping, 3,600’ of underground electric and fiber installation, large building pads, 700’ of decorative concrete retaining wall around an existing water tower, 252,000 sf of asphalt paving for POV parking lots, 22,500 sf of concrete roadway, sidewalks, gutter and curbing, concrete running trail, 1,200’ of fencing, and street lighting. Waterline work included connections and rerouting of a 20” water main servicing an existing on-site elevated water tower that had to remain in service throughout construction. Water main design included 8”, 12” and 20” water main extensions. Design of a 16’ retaining wall surrounding the existing elevated water tower was necessary.

A&C was the Designer of Record for RACC’s Fort Riley SATOC MP Battalion Site 4 site and infrastructure project. The original Battalion Site 4 project was fully designed as part of a five Battalion facility, but required substantial civil/site infrastructure redesign to meet the developing Centers of Standardization (COS) requirements. Civil/Site revisions included engineering design changes from the original plans. The COS required redesign to include a larger C4 COF building, relocation/orientation of the Battalion Headquarters B4 building, and numerous associated grading, earthwork, utility, and tank road design changes. Aubertine and Currier completed the redesign of the entire site and plan set to include:

·Redesign of the Water, Sanitary Sewer, Electric and Communication utilities.

·Redesign the gas route.

·Redesign of Kitty Drive concrete roadway and associated concrete hardstand access.

·Redesign grading, area inlets, and storm drainage utilities.

·Rearrangement of the larger C4 building and associated sidewalks.

·Redesign the site to accommodate a larger C4 concrete service yard and access drives.

·Redesign of grading and utilities for the separation of the POV parking lots and future phases.

·Redesign of utilities and grading to accommodate the revised BHQ building layout.

·Redesign of the retaining wall surrounding the existing water tower and parking areas.

·Reconfiguration of underground Communication facilities to accommodate a six Battalion arrangement.

Project Cost: $4,112,341, Project Completion: 05/26/2010

The project was completed on time, based upon the revised owner requested changes.

Additional : Project site infrastructure was redesigned to accommodate the government’s revised building size requirements. All redesign was completed in a matter of months as construction earthwork activities were underway. This allowed the contractor to continue to meet the governments required timelines within budget.

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