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St. Mary’s Church

Client: St. Mary's Church | Location: Clayton, NY | Completion Date: 2012 & 2015 | Services Provided: Architectural, Structural & Civil Engineering

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St. Mary’s Catholic Church is a historic building located on James Street in the Village of Clayton, NY. Aubertine and Currier has performed the following services for the church:

Structural Inspection – A structural inspection was performed at the church because of a buttress on the north side of the church experiencing some cracking, mortar deterioration in some of the joints and some of the stones were being dislodged. It was found that water infiltration is the issues and deterioration every time it freezes and thaws. It was recommended that the buttress be taken down and laid up to the first step back location. Also, new discrete copper flashing should be installed under the capping stones to prevent future water infiltration. A sloped concrete curb should be installed around the base of the buttress to direct rainwater away from the stone.

Parking Lot Design/Reconstruction – Aubertine and Currier provided the design and development of the existing 60’x162’, +/-9,720 sf parking lot. Reconstruction to an asphalt parking lot with a center drive aisle with parking stalls on each side (to include 34 spaces), reconstruction of the driveway apron to James Street, lowering of and regrading of the James Street sidewalk at the driveway apron, handicap accessible parking stalls, lighting along the north side of the parking lot nearest the rectory and handicap parking, evaluation of the drainage options of sheet flow verses storm pipe connection to the James Street storm drain.

Verizon Equipment Shelter Construction / Installation of Verizon equipment in the Bell tower / Mechanical systems installation in the sanctuary – The design and construction coordination of a new Verizon equipment shelter was achieved while meeting framework specifications to harmonize with the existing and surrounding masonry structures. The installation of the equipment in the bell tower was completed without disturbing the visual and structural integrity of the masonry. The mechanical systems were designed and installed while meeting the aforementioned requirements as well.

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