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Route 26 / Munns Corners

Location: Fort Drum, NY | Completion Date: 2017 | Services Provided: Civil/Site Engineering, Land Surveying


Aubertine and Currier provided Professional Services for the relocation of overhead and underground utilities as part of the construction of Fort Drum’s Route 26 overpass project and related connector roads.

Civil / Site Engineering design features included:

  • ·Locating existing site features, utilities, and limits of construction.
  • ·Demolition plans of overhead utilities and communication, underground electric and removal/abandonment of existing gas, water and sewer lines.
  • ·Layout of electrical and communication utilities, which included layout and orientation of electrical & communication ducts, utility crossings, transformer locations, manholes and poles.
  • ·Water, sewer, and gas design plans included water/sewer/gas routes, manhole, valve, and hydrant locations, and trenching/paving routes.
  • ·Site grading/ESC plans consisted of designing the communication route, manholes/hand hole locations, grading, contours and spot elevations.
  • ·Design of a 15,000 sq. ft. parking lot.
  • ·Prepared and provided technical specifications for the Civil/Site excavation, trenching, earthwork, parking, and restoration.
  • ·Prepared work zone traffic control plans utilizing available Fort Drum GIS design mapping of the Cantonment and Airfield area roads and denote necessary signage and control devices.
  • ·Prepared SWPPP including ESC Plan; methods for erosion and sediment control, staging and stockpiling, dewatering and work activities.
  • ·Performed SWPPP inspections weekly for the duration of the project.
  • ·465’ of 10” PE Water Piping.
  • ·1,570’ of 6”, 8”, & 10” Sanitary Sewer Piping.
  • ·2,700’ of Underground and Overhead Electrical Lines.
  • ·1,125’ of Underground and Overhead Communication Lines.

Land Surveying design features included:

  • ·Designing a topographic/utility survey, construction layout, GPS as-built survey & mapping, and machine control files.

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