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Boldt Castle - Wastewater Treatment Plant Replacement

Client: Thousand Island Bridge Authority | Location: Alexandria Bay, NY  | Completion Date: 2019  | Services Provided: Structural & Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Construction Administration 

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Aubertine and Currier Architects, Engineers & Land Surveyors, PLLC are providing professional services associated with the planning, surveying, engineering and design of a replacement wastewater treatment plant.   The replacement, 8,000 GPD treatment capacity, SBR plant is intended to serve the aging Castle Plant, Yacht House Sand Filter and combine both treatment systems off Heart Island and onto Wellesley/Fern Islands.

Major components of the project include relocation of the treatment facility off Heart Island and onto Wellesley/Fern Island for it to be vehicle accessible on the mainland; minimized construction disruption during summer tourism season; Heart Island pump station replacement; river crossing force main; combine treatment and replace Yacht House sand filter; replacement of the 2 SPDES permitted outfalls with a single outfall.

The project design includes environmental investigations and State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR), as well as numerous permits from involved agencies such as NYS DEC, USACE, NYS DOS and NYS OGS.

Geotechnical services included subsurface soils investigation, soils boring, river sediment depth sampling, rock conditions, and groundwater conditions. A geotechnical analysis and report was prepared to include soil boring logs, soil/rock classifications, subsurface stratigraphy, SPT observations, groundwater observations, rock core descriptions, allowable soil bearing capacity, subsurface drainage recommendations, design criteria, backfill criteria, and Seismic Site Classification in accordance with the Building Code of New York State. Survey mapping included topographic, planimetric, utility surveying of the landward project areas and bathymetric and magnetometer surveying of the underwater project areas.

Treatment plant engineering and design services include preparing Conceptual Design Plans, Preliminary Engineering Report (PER), and Basis of Design for the Heart Island components, Pumping station, River Crossing Force Main, on land underground piping and reconfiguration for connection to proposed plant, outfall, and potable water service. The Final Basis of Design Report included final design flows and loads for the WWTF; description of major facilities to be constructed and/or modified, including capacity, dimensions, materials of construction, basic equipment design and performance specifications, etc. with supporting figures; hydraulic and unit process calculations; basic control/communications logic descriptions and schematics; mechanical and electrical systems improvement criteria and requirements; and equipment cut-sheets.

Bidding and Construction Administration services will be provided for the anticipated 18 month construction duration.

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