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Thousand Islands Bridge Authority

Client: Thousand Islands Bridge Authority | Location: Alexandria Bay, NY | Completion Date: 2008-present | Services Provided: Architectural, Engineering (Structural & Civil), Land Surveying

The Thousand Islands Bridge Authority (TIBA) is a public benefit corporation managed by the Executive Director who acts as the CEO of the corporation and is responsible for the day to day operations and implementation of policies and procedures. The seven member Board of Directors are appointed by the Jefferson County, NY Board of Legislators and comprised of four US citizens and three Canadian citizens. In additional to toll collection and operation and maintenance of the TI Bridge crossing the St. Lawrence River, TIBA also owns, operates and maintains; TI Bridge Visitor Center, Boldt Facilities including the Castle on Heart Island and the Yacht House on Wellesley Island, Duty Free Store at the US/CA border, Rift Bridge at the US/CA channel, Rift Camp, and miscellaneous properties. TIBA also operates water supply facilities serving various owned operations and US and CA Customs facilities, and provides administration and coordination regarding the Thousand Islands Regional Tourism Development Corporation, and Capital Corridor Trade & Tourism Initiative. Aubertine and Currier has completed various Architectural and Engineering Design related professional services for the TIBA in recent years. Some examples of recent projects include the following:

Administration Building #1 Exterior Renovation – 2018

Professional services include Architectural, Civil Engineering & Land Surveying. The scope of work includes the reconstruction of the porch, including the sub-base, concrete slab, and stone veneer. Also included is the replacement of sidewalks, stair and railing improvements, and replacement of windows on the Northern side of the building.

International Council Welcome Center Water Systems Modification

Architectural, Structural & Civil Engineering, Land Surveying for the evaluation and design of the water treatment system modifications for the public water supply servicing the International Council Welcome Center. The 2015 scope of work/design included water testing and analysis, removal of the undersized substandard UV system, design of a water softener, design of UV treatment capable of meeting EPA and NYS DOH standards, installation within the available mechanical room space available. Aubertine and Currier also performed an inspection and evaluation of the existing system and submission for PWS permit approval by the NYS Department of Health.

Visitor Center Restroom Renovation Project – 2017

Professional Services included Architectural, Civil & Structural Engineering for the renovation of existing toilet rooms located at the Visitor’s Center in Collins Landing, NY to make them fully ADA compliant. The renovation project included the removal of existing entry doors, plumbing fixtures, toilet partitions and wall finishes. Portions of the existing concrete slab were removed to modify the below slab sanitary sewer piping for the installation of new toilet and wall hung lavatories. New door openings were cut into the existing exterior wall construction. New toilets, urinal, vanity tops and bowls, toilet partitions, grab bars, mirrors and soap dispensers were installed. The relocated doors received new door hardware including ADA compliant push plates which activate new automatic door operators.

Boldt Castle Wastewater Treatment Plant Replacement – 2018-2019

Professional services associated with the planning, surveying, engineering and design of a replacement wastewater treatment plant.   The replacement, 8,000 GPD treatment capacity, SBR plant is intended to serve the aging Castle Plant, Yacht House Sand Filter and combine both treatment systems off Heart Island and onto Wellesley/Fern Islands. The project design includes environmental investigations and State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR), as well as numerous permits from involved agencies such as NYS DEC, USACE, NYS DOS and NYS OGS. Geotechnical services included subsurface soils investigation, soils boring, river sediment depth sampling, rock conditions, and groundwater conditions. Survey mapping included topographic, planimetric, utility surveying of the landward project areas and bathymetric and magnetometer surveying of the underwater project areas.

Rift Water Treatment Plant Capacity – 2018-2019

The Water Treatment Plant is currently permitted as a Public Water Supply through the NYS Department of Health (DOH). DOH permit records denote the facility as “TIBA – US Customs”, NTNC – Non-Community Non-Transient Water System, with a service population of 25. The TIBA – Rift Water Treatment Plant provides water service to three (3) facilities. These include the US Customs and Duty Free Store located on Wellesley Island, and the CA Customs located across the Rift on Hill Island. The US Customs and CA Customs service pipes also include supply to miscellaneous US and CA Broker Offices. The project consisted of the completion of a feasibility study to determine the necessary improvements to upgrade the TIBA Rift Water Treatment Plant to supply water to the proposed expansion of the US Land Port of Entry.

Maintenance Building Oil/Water Separator Project

Civil Engineering, design, bidding, and construction administration for the installation of an Oil/Water Separator and interior modifications to floor drains, piping and an oil storage room, etc. The project included selective demolition, excavation, plumbing, minor electrical, concrete slab reconstruction, connection to existing sanitary sewer pumping station, pavement repair, restoration, and coordination for petroleum contaminated soils remediation encountered during construction. The Total Project Cost was approximately $95,000, following soils remediation. The A&C contract amount was $11,500.

Visitor Center Renovations and Improvements

Aubertine and Currier completed an evaluation of the existing building envelope and concluded that the exterior doors were performing less than acceptable. Aubertine and Currier provided detailed drawings and specs for the replacement of the doors with new doors with increased insulation value and much less air infiltration rate. New hardware was provided to meet the accessibility requirements in conformance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Toll Booth Improvements

Thousand Islands Bridge Association has experienced trouble with the operation of their toll booth doors for over 20 years. Aubertine and Currier visited several sites including the NYS Thruway with its client to determine the best solution for the bridge authority’s needs.

Greenhouse: Aubertine and Currier designed a 2,500 sf greenhouse to be used by the Bridge Authorities horticulturalist to cultivate floral arrangements throughout their property and Heart Island. The structure was designed to provide maximum light transmission and in slab hydronic heating to provide uniform growth of all the plants. Aubertine and Currier designed the heating and ventilation system along with a digital remote control system.

Administration Building Renovations, Secured Entry and Roof Project

Aubertine and Currier are currently working on securing the buildings and occupants from unknown outsiders. Special attention was given towards visually identifying people as they approach the building and providing access as required. The renovations also segregated public spaces from private and provides for a more comfortable and functional flow of employees. An EPDM roof is also to be replaced with a new tapered system providing for positive drainage and a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty. ($130,000)

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