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Carthage "Green Tub" Pump Station Replacement

Client: Village of Carthage | Location: Carthage, New York | Completion Date: 2007 | Services Provided: Civil Engineering

The project consisted of the Design, Bidding, Construction Administration, and Inspection for the replacement of an aging sanitary sewage lift station pump for the Village of Carthage. The total Project Cost was $65,707 ($38,532 for the purchase of the prepackaged pump system which included $19,975 for the demolition and installation, and $7,200 for Design, Bidding and Construction Administration). The Village’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator contacted our office in early 2006 to assist with the replacement. The Operator had been researching equipment and reviewing alternatives for replacement for several years. The Operator’s priorities were for a low cost replacement for the Village, but also a low maintenance easy to operate pump for operator personnel.

The commonly referred to existing “Green Tub” Smith & Lovelace, Du-O-Jet Lift Station was nearly 40 years old. It included a 19’ deep three chambered below ground steel wet well, air chamber and piping chamber, plus 4’ of above ground compressor chamber. The compressors were operating beyond their design life, and maintenance and repair costs warranted replacement and reconstruction. The station’s depth and proximity to the Black River created construction concerns regarding the replacement. Adding to the concern was the station’s service area, which included a large portion of downtown businesses.

The operator preferred retrofit was a Prepackaged 6’x6’ Above Ground Self Priming Lift Station. The existing steel chamber proved to be in exceptional condition as compared to the pumps and piping. This allowed for the below ground steel to be utilized as a wet well, and support the replacement Above Ground Lift Station. The utilization of the existing below ground steel portions of the chamber eliminated all deep excavations and concerns regarding river water intrusion during construction. This drastically decreased the duration of construction, and impacts to the neighboring park and weekly Farmers Market Pavilion events, leading to construction cost savings.

Key project components included:

  • Air Compressor to Above Grade Pump Replacement
  • Prepackaged Above Ground Self Priming Lift Station
  • 380 gpm, 20’ of Suction Lift
  • 200 amp Electric Service
  • Manual Emergency Power Transfer Capability
  • Minimal Site Impact
  • Minimal Service Disruption during Construction
  • Ease of Operator Maintenance
  • Steel Chamber Cleaning Sand Blasting and Painting
  • Short Construction Duration

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