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Bridge 22 Culvert Rehabilitation

Client: Mission and Installation Contracting Command | Location: Fort Drum, New York | Completion Date: 2016 | Services Provided: Civil & Structural Engineering, Land Surveying

Surveying, Civil Engineering, Site Planning and Structural Design services were provided as part of Fort Drum's Repair, Rehabilitation and Construction (RRC) construction contract with Kondra/Jaquin Enterprises - Structural Associates Inc. JV. The Federal Government’s current RRC Contract is a Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC), which includes five (5) eligible contractors. This is one of several projects that are part of the $30,000,000 RRC Contract, (W911S2-06-D-8001). Aubertine and Currier has performed similar services on over 25 RRC projects.

Bridge 22 Culvert Rehabilitation – Engineering services included the survey, civil and structural design associated with replacement of the “Bridge 22”, located on the Range along Antwerp Tank Trail, just south of Reedville Road- near Sterlingville, and is a trout angling site (#7) for Fort Drum. Black Creek is a waterway running thru the structure and stocked for trout on both sides of the existing structure. The structure consists of a total of four 12’-wide corrugated steel elliptical pipe culverts extending along the stream which is perpendicular to the travel route. Each culvert is supported by a connected headwall on both sides of the roadway, covered with grout around each culvert and then filled with gravel to the roadway elevation. Shotcrete extends from each headwall to the roadway elevation. There are areas for angling parking that may be utilized during the repair process around the project site. Per the components ratings (Item #62-Culvert Features), “all four pipes appear to have some form of deformation or distortion. Numerous corrugated plate joints had separated at the invert, allowing water to flow under the pipes.”

The project required repairing all four existing culverts with a structural liner, provide & install proper bridge signage, removal of any/all debris from within the culverts, and provide and install a new guide rail system.

Scope of services included preparing Structural Construction Level Drawings developed from the repair concept described by the Statement of Work, coordination with the contractor’s selected specialty subcontractor, and developing a cross-sectional detail for culvert pipe lining and joint/void grouting. Structural details were prepared for the installation of guide rail post support, with written specifications in UFGS format. Civil/Site Design included preparing Construction Level Drawings (Site, Grading and Stream Flow Diversion Plan and Details) developed from the concept described within the RTOP SOW. A&C also developed an existing conditions plan, site plan, grading/drainage, ESC plan, culvert profile, & site grading ESC details. A traffic work zone control plan was prepared, as well as details to enhance fish passage within one culvert. A&C assisted the contractor with the SWPPP plan (erosion and sediment control plan), preparation of the contractor’s stream diversion plan, and prepared written specifications in UFGS format.

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