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Bridge 15 Box Culvert

Client: Mission and Installation Contracting Command | Location: Fort Drum, New York | Completion Date: 2014 | Services Provided: Civil & Structural Engineering, Land Surveying

Surveying, Civil Engineering, Site Planning and Structural Design services were provided as part of Fort Drum's Repair, Rehabilitation and Construction (RRC) contract with Odyssey International. The Federal Government’s current RRC Contract is a Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC), which includes five (5) eligible contractors. This is one of several projects that are part of the $30,000,000 RRC Contract, (W911S2-06-D-8001). Aubertine and Currier has performed similar services on over 25 RRC projects.

Repair/Replace Bridge 15, Fort Drum, Project Number EE-00015-1J – Engineering services included the survey, civil and structural design associated with replacement of the Rock Road (Fort Drum Range Road) Bridge #15 span over a tributary stream within Training Area 14B. Topographic survey mapping was completed for a 500’ long portion of roadway associated 200’ section of the stream and upstream and downstream wetlands. The existing dual 36” dia. CMP culverts were deteriorated, and submerged within the flooded beaver marsh. The 2,415 acre Bridge 15 drainage area was analyzed to determine the contributing watershed and corresponding runoff upstream. The watershed area was determined utilizing USGS mapping to determine approximate stream and tributary locations, in conjunction with aerial imagery to determine surface conditions.   Hydro CAD modeling calculations were completed utilizing TR-55, TR-20 and Soils Conservation Service (SCS) methodology utilizing Hydro CAD Software. The hydraulic capacity of the box culvert was verified to ensure capability of passing the projected 25 year 86 cfs stream flow.

The selected means of replacement was a 3-sided concrete box culvert. The box culvert design included a 12’ span, 8’ high open bottom box culvert. The bottom channel was reconstructed with rip rap stone for scour protection and to meet the environmental constraints of recreating a more natural stream bottom for fish and wildlife. A 200’ section of road was widened to 24’ width, raised and reconstructed. Designed temporary cofferdam, stream channel, fill and road side slopes were designed with rip rap channel and slope protection. Coordination was completed with Fort Drum Public Work Environmental Division staff who provided wetlands delineations and submitted Plans to the Army Corps of Engineers and NYS DEC for wetlands and stream impact permitting.

Structural design was completed for the 12’ span utilizing both a pile and spread footing design. The government ultimately dictated the use of the shallow foundation design. The 3-sided precast box culvert design included the box culvert sections, footings, wing walls, parapet walls, and guide rail. Culvert design was completed utilizing ET Culvert. The design vehicle capacity MLC-70, 70 ton vehicle design vehicle. Design was completed in accordance with the Department of the Army Technical Manual, FM 3-34.343 “Military Non-Standard Fixed Bridging” and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, 6th Edition.

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