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Boonville Sanitary Sewer Extension


Client: Town of Boonville | Completion Date: 2009 | Services Provided: Land Surveying, Civil & Site Engineering

The Town of Boonville is located within the northwestern corner of Oneida County, NY. The Town of Boonville is a rural community surrounding the Village of Boonville. The Village acts as the primary economic business, tourism and service provider to the adjacent Towns and communities. In addition to being the business hub of the area, the Village, through its Municipal Commission, provides water and electric utility services. Sewer collection and treatment services are provided by the Village of Boonville, for both the Village and specific outlying areas of the Town.

The project included a 2,900 linear foot extension of the Town’s municipal sanitary sewer collection system south along NYS Route 12. The initial intent of the project was to provide sanitary sewer service to the planned Hand In Hand Early Childhood Center. Additional lateral connections were provided at properties, businesses and residences along this route which had expressed an interest in connecting to the main. The additional users outside of the Village of Boonville, required the formation of Sewer District #1 to service the area.

The project site was located within an area denoted by the Village of Boonville Municipal Commission as being part of their wellhead protection “Aquifer Recharge Area”. This represented additional permitting requirements with the Village of Boonville and potential environmental contamination concerns.

The conceptual cost for a private lateral extension was estimated at $153,000 in early 2008. Hand In Hand later assisted the Town with acquiring a Rural Business Enterprise Grant in the amount of $99,000 for the sewer extension. During this same period of time, businesses and individuals along the conceptual route began to inquire about the potential for their connection to the system. Further development of District formation concepts, layout, design, and costs were completed. The revised alternative for connection to a Village sanitary sewage collection and treatment as Town of Boonville Sewer District #1 was finalized in March 2009 at $211,613. Considering the RBEG of $99,000, the end EDU cost was $900.62. This was a relatively low rate for primarily commercial users.

Design and construction requirements were in accordance with the NYS DEC Design Standards for Wastewater Treatment Works, 1988, and the Ten States Standards, Recommended Standards for Wastewater Facilities, 2004.

Engineering/Design Services included:

  • ·Surveying
  • ·Conceptual Planning
  • ·Engineering and Design
  • ·Funding Applications and Administration
  • ·District Formation Assistance
  • ·District Budget and EDU Cost Assistance

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