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SUNY Canton Southworth Library Renovations

Client: SUNY Canton | Location: Canton, New York | Completion Date: 2013-2018 | Services Provided: Architectural, Civil/Site & Structural Engineering

The Southworth Library is a centerpiece for SUNY Canton’s campus community. It is abundant in resources to advance the student body academically. SUNY Canton has invested considerable capital funds into the library to create the finest learning environment for the students. Aubertine and Currier has had the opportunity to provide Architectural and Engineering Professional Services for the following library projects.  

Southworth Library Cyber Café (2017)

A&C provided A/E design services and construction administration for the new, state-of-the-art, cyber café, dining area and rest rooms. The café was designed to provide the students with an improved area to study and dine in. The project featured enhancement of the café and bathrooms, creating a new look with modern seating, energy efficient soft lighting, acoustical clouds above high top tables, HVAC system upgrades and ADA upgrades.

Southworth Library 2nd Floor Renovation (2017)

A&C provided A/E design services and construction administration for the 2nd floor renovation project. The project featured demolition of various existing walls, 12 x 12 spline tile ceiling system, and electrical equipment and fixtures. The upgrades to the ceilings included a new acoustic suspended ceiling that excels in noise reduction & sound   attenuation. These attributes along with the Fine Line Grid System transformed this space into a comfortable studious environment. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades included digital lighting/dimming system, HVAC systems, and restroom upgrades.  

Southworth Library First Floor Renovation (2018)

A&C was contracted to provide SUNY Canton with a Feasibility Study and Conceptual Drawings. The project featured a conceptual design, scope, and cost estimate for interior renovations for the first floor of the library. The focus of the remodel is meant to improve the circulation desk, lobby, staff offices, work area, restrooms, breakroom, conference room, and tutoring areas.

Southworth Library IT Department Renovation (2018)

A&C provided A&E Professional Services & Construction Administration for the renovation of the existing IT Department. The renovation included new offices with glazed walls and an expansion of the existing cubicle layout. A raised flooring system & mobile shelving was removed to create space for the IT staying area. Additional Engineering Services included minor sprinkler renovations, mechanical ducting, and installation of additional power & data utilities.

Southworth Library Retaining Wall (2013)

A&C was contracted to perform a structural analysis of an existing retaining wall. SUNY Canton was provided with design drawings and written technical specifications for the removal and replacement of a deteriorating cut stone veneer wall.

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