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Lisbon Beach & Campground Phase I & II

Client: Town of Lisbon | Location: Lisbon, NY  | Completion Date: 2018  | Services Provided: Civil and Electrical Engineering, Land Surveying 



The Town of Lisbon Beach Campground consists of a beach, two bathhouses, boat launch, 92 RV and tent sites, and numerous ball fields, picnic areas and playgrounds. The campground is seasonally operated between the months of mid April to mid September. What started in 2012 has continued in phases into 2017/2018. In 2012 (14) existing tent sites were converted into (11) 45’wide x 75’deep RV sites. A total of 35 sites were enhanced to include water, sewer, and electric utilities. Total project costs for the 2012 phase was $315,000.

The 2017-2018 project started with a review of the feasibly study and RVRDA funding opportunities. The project is to design for expansion for 15 more RV sites. Included in this is a primary metered service to provide electrical, sanitary sewer, and water service shared for 2 adjacent sites. Site plans, utility plans, grading plans, sanitary sewer profiles, site and utility details and erosion sediment controls, bidding, contract preparation and construction administration. Total Construction Costs are estimated at $280, 000.

Four (4) RV sites are located in areas that have been temporarily utilized for overflow sites near the bathhouses and eleven (11) RV site located near vacant land east of the 2012 expansion. A waiver was obtained from the NYS DOH to allow the creation of the 11 sites which are further than the NYS Campground regulations required distance of 500’ from a bathhouse.

  • The fifteen (15) full service RV sites were designed to include sanitary sewer, water service (shared for each two adjacent sites) and electric service to each RV site.
  • A new on-site treatment absorption field was designed to treat the flows from 14 RV Sites. This on-site treatment absorption field included a pump station, new dosing station with dual alternation siphons and two absorption fields located adjacent to the existing absorption fields constructed in +/-2003/2004.

The scope of services included Conceptual Design; Topographic Design: Preliminary Engineering to include a review the NYS DOH campground requirements, design and layout of the water distribution and sanitary sewer, complete percolation testing in the proposed absorption field area, prepare preliminary plans and details to present a clear understanding the utility improvements that will be required, submit preliminary documents and meet with the NYS DOH for preliminary review an discussion, prepare a preliminary electrical design.

After review of the preliminary stage, permit submissions and construction documents for overall site plan, utility plans, grading plans, sanitary sewer profiles, site & utility details, erosion and sediment control plans & details, technical specifications for construction, bidding, construction contract preparation, and construction administration.

WATER - The Lisbon Beach Campground has a seasonally operated public water supply consisting of two existing wells. The northerly water system includes a Well #2 with a submersible pump, a well house with a hydro-pneumatic tank, chlorine pump, and an underground 24”dia. x 20’ long chlorine contact tank. The existing components of the water supply and treatment system serving the northerly bathhouse, the 36 RV and 14 tent sites were determined to be in good operating condition, and adequate to provide water to the bathhouse and RV sites expansions. The 2002 water system design was to provide 25 gpm chlorinated water supply from Well #2. The well yield was estimated at 33 gpm. Water system expansion included:

-Water service construction to 18 remaining sites that didn’t have water service.
-Installation of 1,335 lf of 1 ½” PE domestic water mains to connect to the existing water piping.
-Pipe looping and valving piping rearrangement to reduce friction loss allowing for ease of isolation for repair.
-Installation of 3/4” water services to 10 new dual connections.

SEWER - The Campground’s three sanitary sewer systems are permitted for 9,300 GPD. The third existing on-site septic system treats the northerly bathhouse and 8 of the 50 RV and tent sites. It consists of a 4,500 gallon septic tank, pump station (PS-1), a dosing chamber with dual alternating siphons and two absorption beds that include 1,300 LF of trench each. Eight sites adjacent to the northerly bathhouse currently have sewer hookups. The northerly bathhouse and 50 RV and tent sites were inspected and found to be in good operating condition, and are adequately sized to collect and treat sewer flows from the northerly bathhouse and RV sites infrastructure expansion. The sewer collection system expansion project included:

-Expanding sanitary sewer connections to 32 sites.
-1,180 lf of new 6” PVC gravity sewer pipe to collect flows from 19 sites, and connecting to an existing 4,500 gallon septic tank, and then pumped via (PS-3) to the existing dosing chamber.
-664 lf of new 6” PVC gravity sewer pipe to collect flows from 13 sites to a 1,250 gallon septic tank and 4’ dia duplex effluent pump station (PS-4).
-Each site connection includes a 4” dia. lateral with 4” cleanout to grade and a cast iron cover.

ELECTRIC – Campground electrical upgrades were designed for completion in two Phases. Upgrades included the complete replacement of the underground distribution system, panels, wiring, site connections, and several upgrades from 30 amp to 50 amp site connection capability. Design and construction of the electrical improvements included:

- Phase 1 electrical system upgrades included electrical hookups to 39 of the 50 northerly RV sites.
- Phase 2 electrical service expansion included the installation of a new primary electrical service to the remaining 11 of the 50 RV sites.
- Installation of a new primary service main from an existing power pole to a new transformer.
- Subpanels to provide 50 amp, 30 amp and 20 amp GFI service electrical service to 11 sites.
- Two panel feeds capable of back feeding to Phase 1 panels.
- Electric service connection the pump station required as part of the sanitary sewer upgrades.




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