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Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority (OBPA) Grain Bin Storage Facility

Client: Ogdensburg Bridge & Port Authority | Location: Ogdensburg, New York



Project Scope

Grain Storage, Towers & Equipment

Two (2) bushel grain storage bins have been added at the port, each holding 10 rail cars of grain. The capacity of each rail car is equivalent to three large trucks. It has a receiving leg with a 121’ discharge height, a 120’ tall 10’x10’ main support tower, a 62.5’ tall 8’x8’ support tower, a 62.5’ tall two legged support tower, a 125 LF catwalk and install associated bin fill conveyors, bin reclaim conveyors, rail receiving pit conveyors, and rail transfer conveyors. All components are pre-engineered and manufactured for installation and assembly at the project site. The new upgrades allow for the grain to be brought in by train, truck or ship, stored, and then moved out by truck as needed. The new grain bin storage system at the port is linked to the facility’s “flat-storage building.” A conveyor system automates the process of loading, unloading and storage. If needed in the future, it is situated adjacent to a second larger flat storage building at the port, and is designed for one additional 10 rail car storage bin, and when business grows, it has two locations set aside for two larger 100 rail car bins.

522 Bradley Street
Watertown, New York 13601


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